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SMT Feeders

FUJI Feeder, YAMAHA Feeder,Juki Feeder,SONY Feeder, PANASONIC Feeder,KME Feeder,Samsung Feeder.etc,
SMT used feeders, second hand feeder...

| Yamaha Feeder(Yamaha Tape Feeder) | Seimens Feeder | Panasonic KME tape feeder | Yamaha Feeders & Philips Feeders | Philips/Assembleon Feeders | JUKI Feeder | Fuji Feeders | Feeder parts - tape guide | Panasert Feeder parts | SONY FEEDERS | Stick feeder(Vibratory Feeder) | Feeder parts - Cover | Feeder parts - Pin and Spring | Feeder parts - Link set |



SMT Nozzles

SMT Nozzles(pick up nozzles): Siemens, Universal, Samsung, Juki, Fuji, Yamaha, Panasonic, KME, Sony, Sanyo

| FUJI Nozzle | CASIO Nozzle | SANYO (Universal HSP) NOZZLE | Yamaha (Philips) Nozzle | JUKI Nozzle | Panasonic Nozzles | KME Nozzle | SAMSUNG NOZZLE | SONY NOZZLE | TENRYU NOZZLE | Siemens Nozzles | Universal GSM nozzle | Mirae nozzle | Nozzle Fitlers |



SMT Spare Parts

Spare parts for SMT printer, dispenser, pick and place machine, reflow soldering oven, AOI, conveyor, etc.

| Yamaha SMT parts | PRINTER PARTS | SMT Cutters |



Production Consumable

Wiping paper, wiping roll, SMD splice tape, SMD splice clip, SMD splice tool

| Wiping paper | SMD Splice tape |



Pick&Place Machine

Pick & Place Machine: surface mounter, collect and place, chip shooter, Used pick-and-place machines.Used SMT machines,

| Panasonic Pick&Place | Assembleon Pick&Place | JUKI Pick&Place | Siemens Pick&Place | Used SMT Equipment(Used pick and place system |



Speedline Products

Speedline technologies, Semiconductor manufacturing, ACCEL, CAMALOT, MPM, ELECTROVERT, Dispensing systems, Stencil printers, Reflow oven, MEMS manufacturing, Wafer bumping, Underfill, Dispensing systems, Lead free wave solder
Provide new machines and spare parts through preferential distributor

| ACCEL Cleaner | CAMALOT Dispenser | MPM Stencil Printer | ELECTROVERT Soldering Systems |



EKRA Screen and Stencil Printer

EKRA Screen and Stencil Printer

Provide spare parts through preferential distributor

| Spare Parts for EKRA Printer |



Spare Parts for A/I

Auto-Insertion Machine for electronics component assembly on PCB.
1) Panasert AI machine
2) Universal AI machine
3) TDK AI machines
Through hole machines

| Universal AI parts | TDK AI parts | Dynapert A.I. Spareparts | Panasert AI parts | Panasert AI parts - JV | Panasert AI parts - RH | Panasert AI parts - AV |



SMT Peripherals

SMT peripherals / accessories

| Feeder Calibration | SMD chip couter | Dispensing controller | Reflow checker | High speed cream solder mixer | High speed centrifuge machine | SMD Taping machine | Pneumatic stencil screens PCB clean machine | PCB separator |



Soldering Tools

Soldering and desoldering iron/Tools, BGA rework system. Fume extraction, hand soldering, rework/repair, soldering tips, (Lead Free/Rohs), OK International, Metcal, Techcon, Hakko

| Lead free solder station | Rework station | Thermostat soldering station |



Soldering Materials

SMT Solder Materials: solder paste, solder bar, solder wires, solder preform, Solder Spheres for PBGA, CBGA, TBGA, BGA and Flip Chip applications

| Solder Bar | Solder Paste | smt adhensive |




Stencils for printing solder paste, glue. Laser cut, electric-formed, chemical itched.

| Laser Cut Stencil |



Machine Oil and Other Consumable

Machine Oil and Other Consumable

| machine oil |



Instrument and Tools

Instrument and Tools

| Multi-meter | RoHS Tester |


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